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My ConvertBox isn’t showing (check list)

If your ConvertBox is not showing on your page then it is most likely it is due to one of the following common reasons.

Please read through this quick checklist before submitting a support ticket. 🙂

Important note about testing your ConvertBox

If your ConvertBox has goals/view limits/timers or other display options which limit how long it will show to a visitor these may also prevent it from showing to you.

To avoid this issue when testing we highly recommend using Chrome browser and opening an “Incognito” window. File > New incognito window. This allows you to view your site as if you were a new visitor with no past history. To start a fresh test you will need to close ALL incognito windows before opening a new one again.

1. Have you installed the ConvertBox script on your site?

Before we can display your ConvertBox or track visitors you must install our embed code on your site using one of our simple installation options.


2. Is your ConvertBox turned on?

Check that your ConvertBox is activated and turned on at the toggle switch.

3. Is your ConvertBox under the wrong website dashboard?

Check that the website dashboard you have created your ConvertBox under is the same site you are trying to show your ConvertBox on.

Each site in your account is independent and has its own individual dashboard. If you create a ConvertBox on the dashboard for mysite.com then it will only shown on pages of that site. If you want to show it on a different site then you will need to add a new site to your account and move the ConvertBox to a campaign on that site.

4. Do you have the correct display rules set?

If you have set the ConvertBox to only show on specific pages, the page URL is correct. To double check just copy and paste it to your browser.

5. Has your countdown timer expired?

Fixed date countdown timers
Check that the date set for your countdown timer has not expired and set in the past. Once the date/time deadline is met the ConvertBox will stop showing to all visitors.

Evergreen countdown timers
Check if your timer is set to stop showing the ConvertBox when it expires. If it is and you previously viewed your ConvertBox triggering the countdown timer and the timer has since expired, your ConvertBox will no longer show to you.

6. Have you set a limited number of views?

If you have set your ConvertBox to only show for a limited number of views that number of views may have been met already for you in previous tests. To check this temporarily set a higher number of views and see if the ConvertBox shows to you.

7. Do you have specific visitor targeting rules set?

Check your visitor targeting rules are not preventing you from seeing the ConvertBox.
For example. If you have set your ConvertBox to only show to New visitors and you have previously visited your site the ConvertBox will not show to you.

Ok.. I checked the list but my ConvertBox is still not showing! 🙁

Don’t panic, our friendly support team is here to help!
Please submit a support ticket with the name of your ConvertBox and the page url it should show on. Our team will investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as possible. 🙌

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