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My ConvertBox isn’t showing (quick check list)

We know it can be frustrating when your ConvertBox is not showing as expected but the good news is this is almost always due to something simple.

That’s why we’ve created this really quick checklist to take you through the most common reasons your ConvertBox may not be showing.

Please read through this quick checklist before submitting a support ticket.

Important note about testing your ConvertBox

If your ConvertBox has goals/view limits/timers or other display options which limit how long it will show to a visitor these may also prevent it from showing to you.

To avoid this issue when testing we recommend using Chrome browser and opening an “Incognito” window. File > New incognito window. This allows you to view your site as if you were a new visitor with no past history. To start a fresh test you will need to close ALL incognito windows before opening a new one again.

Quick checklist

#1 – Have you installed the ConvertBox script on your site?

To use ConvertBox on your site you must install our script using one of our simple installation options. If you’ve not installed our script on your site yet then your ConvertBox will not show.

#2 – Is your ConvertBox active?

Check that your ConvertBox is activated (turned on) at the toggle switch on your dashboard, the toggle switch will show when you hover over the ConvertBox area.

#3 – Is your ConvertBox on the correct website dashboard?

Each site in your account has its own independent dashboard where you create and manage ConvertBoxes specifically for that domain. Any ConvertBox located on a dashboard will only show on that domain, this Keeps everything organised and easy to manage when dealing with many sites.

If your ConvertBox is not showing then check the dashboard your ConvertBox is located on is the same domain you are trying to show your ConvertBox on.

If your ConvertBox is on the wrong site you can easily move it to another site in your account, please see this article.

Please note: Subdomains are treated as separate domains. Therefore if you want to show your ConvertBox on a subdomain you will need to add that subdomain to your account and make sure the ConvertBox is located on the dashboard for the subdomain.

#4 – Do you have the correct location rules set?

In the editor on the “Display” tab check your “Location” rules.

If you’ve set the ConvertBox to only show on specific pages of your website check that the page URL for these rules is correct. If you’ve added some EXCLUDE rules make sure these are not preventing the ConvertBox from showing on your desired pages.

#5 – Do you have a limited number of views/sessions set?

In the editor on the “Display” tab check your “Frequency” rules.

If you’ve set your ConvertBox to only show for a limited number of views per day/session or if you have set the ConvertBox to be suppressed when closed these rules will also apply to you when testing. Therefore, if you’ve tested the ConvertBox and met any of the rules set the ConvertBox will stop showing to you.

The best way to double-check this is to run a new test using a Chrome incognito window to simulate a new visitor with no history (please see the notice at the top of this article).

#6 – Have you selected the embed area?

Please note: This only applies if you are creating an embedded ConvertBox

In the editor on go to the “Display” tab and check that you have selected the correct embed area you want the ConvertBox to show in.

If no embed area is selected the ConvertBox will not show.

#7 – Has your countdown timer expired?

If any of your ConvertBox steps or split test variations have a timer then check this timer has not expired for you.

If you are using a fixed date countdown timer
Check that the date set for your countdown timer has not expired and set in the past. Once the date/time deadline is met the ConvertBox will stop showing to all visitors.

If you are using an evergreen countdown timer
Check if your timer is set to stop showing the ConvertBox when it expires. If it is and you previously viewed your ConvertBox triggering the countdown timer and the timer has since expired, your ConvertBox will no longer show to you.

You can quickly test this by viewing your page using Chrome incognito window (please see the notice at the top of this article).

#8 – Do you have specific visitor targeting rules set?

On the “Targeting” tab check your visitor targeting rules are not preventing you from seeing the ConvertBox.

For example. If you’ve set your ConvertBox to only show to new visitors and you do not meet this condition then the ConvertBox will not show to you.

#9 – Is your form or button element set to stop showing after being submitted?

If your ConvertBox is using a form element or button element check the actions and see if you have the option checked for “Stop showing this ConvertBox to the visitor“.


If you have this option selected and while testing you have clicked the button or submitted the form then that ConvertBox will no longer show to you.

You can quickly test this by viewing your page using Chrome incognito window (please see the notice at the top of this article).

Ok.. I’ve checked the list but my ConvertBox is still not showing!

Don’t panic, our friendly support team is here to help!

Please submit a support ticket with the name of your ConvertBox and the page URL it should be showing on. We will take a closer look and get back to you as soon as possible.


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