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How to submit a feature request?

We take your feedback seriously and love to hear any suggestions you have.

Is there a feature or integration missing that you believe is essential? Let us know!

We obviously can’t develop and add every single feature request that we receive so feature requests are considered based on the number of user requests we receive and they must also align with the platform’s vision and overall roadmap.

If there’s an integration or other feature you would like to see added to ConvertBox please send us a quick email to support@convertbox.com with the subject as “Feature request” and provide us with details.

This will help us keep track of your requests and make sure we are adding the integrations that you guys want and need.

Please Note: Adding a comment or “+1” in our Facebook group does not count as a request and will not be logged in our system.
In order for us to accurately log and monitor feature requests properly, they must be sent directly to us.

How to submit a feature request
To submit a feature request please email us directly to support@convertbox.com or you can submit a ticket here.

Please add “Feature request” to the subject and provide as much detail as possible.


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