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How do I submit a bug?

Although we have strict procedures in place to catch and squash all bugs during our internal testing, occasionally small bugs slip though.

If you think you found a bug or issue in our platform please email us directly at support@convertbox.com or you can submit a ticket here.

When submitting bugs it’s a great help to us if you can tell us the following information.

  1. Tell us it’s a bug in the email subject. This helps us to identify your ticket faster amongst support tickets coming in.
  2. Include as much detail as possible of the bug. Explain exactly how to reproduce it and what type of behaviour you would expect to happen if the bug wasn’t there.
  3. Tell us what operating system and web browser you are using.
  4. If possible send screenshots of the issue/bug. If you are set up to take a screen recording, thats great, send that through too.

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