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Trigger a ConvertBox from a link

ConvertBox link triggers are a powerful feature which allows you to trigger a ConvertBox from any link on your page by simply using a unique hash code for your link.

Using a ConvertBox link in your page content will almost always convert much higher than a regular popup due to the micro commitment the visitor takes initially by clicking the link.

Step 1

In the editor go to the “Display” tab and under the “Trigger” section select “Edit“.

Step 2

In the triggers modal select the option for Clicking a link on the page, this will provide you with a hash code like #cb5b502ab9

Copy the #code provided by selecting Copy link then select Done to close the modal and make sure to save the changes in the editor.

On your website simply use the #code for on the link you want to trigger the ConvertBox, do not use any other urls or http protocols in your link or it will not work.

If your ConvertBox link is not working please contact our friendly support team with the page url and the ConvertBox name so we can take a closer look what the issue might be.

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