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Targeting visitors in your OntraPort account

ConvertBox makes it easy to show a personalised message or call-to-action to specific visitors on your website based on what tags they have in your OntraPort account.

How to target visitors in your OntraPort account

First, if you have not done so already you will need to connect your OntraPort account.

Then go to the “Targeting” tab in your ConvertBox settings, select the button “Target specific visitors on my website” and select “Add visitor rule“.

Then in the visitor rule modal select the “Autoresponder activity” rule.

Select your OntraPort account and select which tags the visitor “is on” or “is not on” for this ConvertBox to show. Then click save.

How ConvertBox Tracks visitors in your OntraPort account

For ConvertBox to begin targeting visitors in your OntraPort account they must take one of the following two actions.

1. The visitor has subscribed to a ConvertBox on your site.


2. The visitor visits your website via an email link sent from your OntraPort account with the ID in the URL.

If you wish to use option #2 all you have to do is add the following parameter to the end of your email links in OntraPort.

Here is an example of what your email hyperlink going to your site will look like.


When the visitor clicks the link to visit your site, ConvertBox will sync the visitors ID and instantly begin targeting them based on their OntraPort data set in your targeting rules. From that point on whenever the visitor returns to your site ConvertBox will know what lists they are on in your OntraPort account.

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