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Integrating ConvertBox with ThriveCart

This tutorial shows you how to add the ConvertBox script to ThriveCart so you can track visitors and show a ConvertBox on your cart page.

Step 1: Login to your ThriveCart account

Login to your ThriveCart account and select “Get URL” on your product

Copy the first bit of ThriveCart URL, e.g. yourid.thrivecart.com

Step 2: Login to your ConvertBox account

Login to your ConvertBox account and create a new site using part of the ThriveCart URL above which you have just copied. See this tutorial on how to add a new site to you account.

Head back to the ConvertBox dashboard and select your new site from the site dropdown menu.

Step 3: Create a new ConvertBox

Create a new ConvertBox (or edit an existing one if you have one).

In the Display tab, on the display option drop down menu select “Show on specific pages of my site“.

Now add the full ThriveCart URL into the box. Head back to your ThriveCart dashboard to copy the full URL.

IMPORTANT: If you do not do the above step your message will show on ALL your carts.

Choose your Targeting rules from the last tab, then click Finish.

Step 4: Add your ConvertBox embed code to ThriveCart

Copy your ConvertBox embed code. See this tutorial on how to locate your embed code.

Log back into your ThriveCart account and on your chosen product go to Edit > Checkout > Tracking.

Tick the “Did you want to add tracking code to your cart” option and then paste your ConvertBox embed code into the middle box, then click Save & Get URL.



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