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Creating multiple steps for your ConvertBox

ConvertBox allows you to easily create multiple steps and link them together to build a funnel visitors will pass through as they progress through your ConvertBox.

Steps can be linked together using buttons, text links and forms to segment visitors and leads, show thank you messages, coupons, download links and more.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a new step and then linking that step to other elements to create a funnel.

Creating and managing your steps

In the editor select the “Steps” tab on the side bar, here you can create and manage all the steps in your ConvertBox.

The step at the top of the list will always be the step that is shown first when your ConvertBox is displayed to the visitor.

To create a new step either select the “Create new step” button.

Or if you are creating multiple steps that are similar you can also use the clone icon to clone an existing step.

Once you have created your steps select the step you want to customize in the editor, the step highlighted in blue is the one you are currently editing.

Linking your steps together to create a funnel

Steps can be opened from a button, text link or after submitting a form. Stringing together multiple buttons and steps allows you to easily create funnels for segmentation, additional offers, download links, coupons, confirmation messages and more.

– Opening a step from a button

Select the button element then on the side bar for the “Button action” select “Open another step” and select the step you want the button to open.

Edit your text and select the text you want to link to your step, then from the toolbar select the link icon.

Now on the link action modal select “Open another step” and select the step you want the text link to open, then click “Done”. 


– Opening a step after submitting a form

Select your form element then on the sidebar for the option “After visitor submits this form” select the option “Open another step” and select the step you want to show.

Checking the flow of your steps

Once you have linked your buttons and forms to your desired steps you can easily check the entire flow of your ConvertBox funnel. Simply select the button or form element and on the toolbar you will see an option for “Next step”. Selecting this option will take you to the connected step.

You can navigate through your entire funnel by continuing to select “Next step” on your button or form elements. If you want navigate to back to your previous step at any point you can select “Back to previous step” on the top left of your preview area.


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