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How to use ActiveCampaign site tracking with ConvertBox forms

ActiveCampaign has some powerful site tracking and automation features which allow you to track visitors once they have submitted a ActiveCampaign form.

In this short article we will walk you through the steps required so you can also use AC site tracking when a visitor submits a ConvertBox form.

Before you start

In order to use AC site tracking features with ConvertBox your form must be set to open another step once it is submitted, this step can be a simple thank you or confirmation message.

We will be placing a small custom script on this “Thank you” step that fetches the recently submitted email and passes it onto ActiveCampaigns site tracking script.

It is important that the script is on your thank you step because it must be triggered after the visitor has submitted the form.

Step 1

Open the steps tab and on your thank you step (the step shown after your visitor submits the form) select the custom scripts icon.

Step 2

This will open a modal for custom scripts that are fired when a visitor views this step.

Step 3

Copy the custom script below and paste this into the custom scripts modal then select Save. If you have a split test running you will need to paste the script on each of your ConvertBox variations thank you steps.

if (typeof vgo === 'function') {
    var email = localStorage.getItem('__storejs_convertbox_opt_in_emails');
    if (null !== email) {
        email = JSON.parse(email);
        if (email.length) {
            vgo('setEmail', email[0]);

Step 4

Save your changes in the editor.

Now when a visitor submits your ConvertBox form their email will be passed to ActiveCampaigns site tracking script allowing you to take full advantage of their powerful tracking and automation features. 🙂



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