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Overlaying a ConvertBox on a link you are sharing

ConvertBox makes it easy to show a message or call-to-action on the links you share.

This is perfect if you are sharing links to content on someone else’s site and you want to add a ConvertBox to collect leads or drive visitors to a related offer.


This feature uses iFrame technology to load your message on another website. Although this feature does work on most websites, some sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ect block iFrames for their users security. This means the page will not load and unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent this.

Edit the ConvertBox you want to show on an overlay link.

In the editor under the “Display” tab select the option for “Location” and then select the option “Show on someone else’s page using an overlay link“.

Then in the field below enter the full URL of the page content you want to overlay the ConvertBox on.

You will be given a sharable link, click the “Copy link” button to save this for later.

Paste the link you copied into your browser to check your message shows correctly on the content page.

Your link will look similar to the example below..


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