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How to set button actions

In this short guide we will walk through how to use ConvertBox button actions and integrations to open steps, fire tracking scripts, redirect visitors to specific urls and run automations to segment leads.

Let’s get started 🙂

Setting button actions and integrations

In the editor select the button element on your ConvertBox.

This will reveal all the button options on the sidebar, at the top of the sidebar select Button actions.

In the button actions modal window you can set what you want to happen when a visitor selects the button.

In this modal there are two sections.

1. When a visitor selects this button

Here you can set what action you want to take place when the visitor selects the button along with some optional additional actions below.

Main button actions can include..

– Closing the ConvertBox
– Redirecting to a URL
– Go to next step
– Jump to step

Additional optional actions can include..

– Opening link in new tab
– Fire tracking script
– Stop showing this ConvertBox to the visitor

2. Queue these integrations (optional)

Button integrations are completely optional and allow you to run specific integrations when the visitor selects the button.  For example, you may want to show the visitor 3 segmentation buttons and set an automation on each button to add a different tag in your EPS/CRM.

When to queue automations and when to run them immediately?

Once you’ve added an automation to your button you will see two additional options above your automations.

Queue to run on the next form with an email field

Selecting this option will queue your automation to run when the visitor submits the next form containing an email field. It doesn’t matter if the form is on a following step or during a different visit to your site. Once the button automations are queued, next time the visitor submits their email on a ConvertBox form (using the same device) any queued automations and fields will be run and updated in your email service provider.

Run immediately (email must have been collected previously)

Selecting this option will use the last known email address to run the button automations immediately when the visitor selects the button. If there are any queued fields from previous forms these will be sent at the same time. If the visitors email address is not known then the automations will not run so it’s important to only use this option when you are certain to have already collected the visitors email.

Which option should to use?

Which option you choose will depend on the flow of your ConvertBox steps and where your segmentation buttons are located in relation to your form with the visitors email.

If you are showing visitors a step with segmentation buttons first then showing your opt-in form after on a following step (the most common practice) then you would select the option “Queue to run on the next form with an email field”.

If you are collecting the visitors email and other fields first and then showing them one or more segmentation buttons on a following step you would select the option to “Run immediately”.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form and we would be happy to help.

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